Growing knowledge domains with experts and organisations

We work with partners to develop their own knowledge domains, or participate in upcoming domain initiatives and ventures that are evolving the Miljn approach.


A knowledge domain must have a clear business objective and value framework. The Miljn launchpad supports the creation of domains for companies or between venture partners. These can be set up for productivity, profit, or purpose. Establishing the clear business and value models, then supporting funding by gathering the right sponsors or partners is how we bring domains to life.

  • Business Modeling
  • Venture Building
  • Funding


The Miljn Studio produces benchmark guides for topics in purpose-oriented domains supported  by the Launchpad. In turn, it provides learning resources to the community of independent Miljneers who create guides for companies and institutions, analysing successful processes and modelling them into powerful automated advisory assets.

  • Guide creation
  • Skills development
  • Analytics

DAO contribution

As the Miljn DAO is itself in an incubation phase, contributes the necessary support to nurture the DAO as it transitions towards the target state of an autonomous entity.

  • Governance
  • Software development
  • Learning resources


The first domains we are building with partners are ventures in the following fields:

Health & Longevity

Automating expert guidance to individuals on how to successfully change diets and behaviour towards health and longevity, using the latest scientific breakthroughs. This domain curates and creates expert guide templates, that can be customized, remodeled and shared by any nutritional expert with their own customers.

  • Learning the patterns of successful, lasting, behavioural change
  • Decreasing the marginal costs of personal nutritional expert guidance
  • Scaling the experts availability and output to provide nutritional guidance

Status: Venture Partner Building

Cyber Security

Creating guidance templates for security experts who guide corporates, employees, and professionals to successful cyber security behaviour and execution. Reduction of cyber security risk in the company through prevention behavior, cyber security awareness, and modelled security workflows.

  • Templates for cyber security businesses to be applied in customer projects
  • Learning, modelling and improving the successful security execution patterns
  • Scaling the experts business while decreasing the customers marginal expenses

Status: Venture Partner Building

Web3 Practices

Exploring the new economies, technologies, services and practices that are made possible by immutable distributed ledgers. Web3 experts plus partner organisations are creating a knowledge domain of guidance templates, along with personal advice from experts for users and professionals on how to engage with the emerging Web3 economy:

  • Creating guides around Web3 products, services, and practices
  • Publishing online with media partners for a broad reach
  • Creating subscription products for access to deep professional domain knowledge

Status: Partner onboarding & Case Creation

If your business is active in any of the above topics, you would like to apply Miljn in your organisation, or you have other topics of interest for your audience we would be happy to discuss you needs.

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Business Model Overview - Starting with a G2M in a secure Web2 environment evolving into Web3